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The SPORTident School and Training Set – Give them action and the will enjoy exercise


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New ideas are required to make the physical education more varied and vital. Kids want to be attracted. Exercises have to be funny while stimulating movement and developing physical abilities. It has to be a game but evaluation and time measurement are needed too.


SPORTident helps the teacher to inspire the studends again and again to improve their accomplished achievements.


Create an exciting obstacle course, switch on a timing device and let your students measure their own time. That’s how easy it is to motivate the whole class. Spend less time preparing for a class and evaluating performances. You supervise the SPORTident activities and there are no additional expenses for timing each student. Lessons become more effective because each student times themself. Several students can complete an exercise at the same time.

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SPORTident is simple, fair and guaranteed to be fun.


The success of SPORTident is based on giving the students instant feedback about their activities. They can immediately see their improvement there and what better motivation is there for exercise? It can be a simple game or a more serious competition. Students must feel they can compete on their own terms and whether it is a game or competition, it must be as far as possible.

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With the SPORTident School- and Training-Set a wide range of exercises is possible – from warm-up exercises to complete sport lessons, indoor and outdoor. It can be used individually or by teams, at every age, at one or more locations.


Use our suggested exercises or create your own courses and implement the SPORTident School- and Training-Set. You will see how easy it is – with small preparation time!


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 Basic components
 Station Set        Printout Set

The set itself is a fully featured configuration of SI-Cards, SI-Stations and a thermal printer. It enables the immediate use of the SPORTident system without a PC. The whole configuration is battery-driven. The equipment is very robust and will also cope with rough treatment. It is water resistant (except the printer), which makes it suitable not only in the gym but also in the playground.











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