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    SPORTident provides extensive solutions for all orienteering sports. Trust the leading hardware provider in orienteering. 

    Sportident Solution - Orienteering
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    MTB Enduro

    SPORTident is an ideal fit for MTB Enduro. Set up the stages with your bike and a backpack. Get live results.

    Sportident Solution - MTB Enduro
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    School Sports

    Explore innovative ways of teaching physical education that make lessons both fun and stimulating for your students.

    Sportident Solution - School Sports
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    Other Sports

    Enjoy the pure nature and focus on your sport. SPORTident provides reliable timing and personal achievement for outdoor sport events.

    Sportident Solution - Other Sports

The easiest way to time your outdoor sport activities

Any time. Any location. Any weather.


Do you know the SPORTident User Guide? Perfect for all questions about our products!

Do you have a specific question about our technology and how to use it? Or do you need a few more information about the topic of ‘live data’? Then simply take a look at our User Guide. You can easily find it on our new website. Go to the ‘SUPPORT’ tab and click on ‘Documentation’.


arntech GmbH announces acquisition of EMIT AS

The German company arntech GmbH is pleased to announce the successful acquisition of the Norwegian company EMIT AS.

The acquisition of EMIT AS is expected to open new markets for EMIT products and give benefits for future development of timing products from SPORTident GmbH (sister company of arntech GmbH) and EMIT AS.

The collaboration will strengthen the development of orienteering products for international orienteering. The collaboration will also support the development of time keeping products for new markets.


We are very proud to present you our new website! Just click through and let us know what you think!

More modern, more clearly organised and more sporty - this is how our new SPORTident website presents itself. Whether you are completely new to us or one of SPORTident’s long-standing customers, the new website offers the right entry point for every visitor thanks to its structure and sorting. 

  • How it works

    SI-Card vs SIAC

    The SPORTident system is comprised of two basic elements: stations and cards. Stations are placed on the race track. Each station has a unique control number. Every athlete carries a SPORTident card which records the time and control number as he or she passes the stations during the race.

    After the race, the SPORTident card holds the athlete's start-finish time, split times as well as all control numbers. This data is used to evaluate the race.

The SPORTident approach

Fast setup

SPORTident timing hardware comes preconfigured for your needs. Often, no additional setup is necessary, and the hardware can be used as it is, without even touching a computer. However, it is also easy to understand and change the configuration. We have recommended hardware setups for a wide range of sports and events, and our support staff will be happy to help you find the perfect setup for your specific needs.

Flexible solution

While the basic setup for most needs is straightforward, different product options together with rich configuration possibilities enable you to adapt the timing hardware to almost any use case and scenario you can think of. SPORTident is routinely used in many sports, from Mountain biking to Orienteering, Trail Running, Ultramarathons, Triathlons, Lap runs, Adventure races, and Company races.

Easy to carry

SPORTident timing hardware is small, lightweight and battery powered. For some races, you can fit all the equipment you need in a backpack. Our hardware will happily run unattended, timing your participants, and waiting for you to pick it up after the race. Thanks to our ultra-low-power technology, our most durable stations run on battery for years. While our rechargeable stations run for days on a single charge.

Robust hardware

SPORTident hardware is extremely durable. You can use it at -20°C and +50°C in any terrain, in any weather conditions and under the water. Some of our products have been in continuous use for over ten years now. Our hardware is built to last.

Fully certified

The entire SPORTident hardware product range is completely approved by International Orienteering Federation (IOF) with both the classic punching system and the contactless system. Additionally, SPORTident hardware fulfils all the demands of radio safety in the world, which can be seen in our certificates.

Our goals

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Customer satisfaction

This means a unique perfect sporting experience, wich your participants and yourself will talk about for a long time later still.

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A timekeeper and event partner you can rely on from the first minutes on. Your success is our success - we will do everything for it.

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SPORTident is committed to the environment - with durable hardware, software updates instead of new purchases, minimal power consumption and environmentally friendly packaging.

Range of services



SPORTident timing hardware comes preconfigured for your needs. You can use it at -20°C and +50°C in any terraim, any weather, and under the water. Our hardware is built to last. Of course it is fully certified and approved by International Orienteering Federeation (IOF).


As a successful organizer of any outdoor event, you need a reliable timing system. Therefore use SPORTident, the most flexible time keeping system. We provide a wide range of services: Beginning with the rental of equipment, through the provision of our online services, to a complete on-site timing service by our experienced Timing-Team.


You have questions, need help or need support with your equipment, please contact us. We are always there for you. Our goals is that your event is a complete success.

How it works

SPORTident offers two timekeeping solutions: SPORTident classic and SPORTident AIR+. Originally developed for orienteering, SPORTident classic has been in use for almost 20 years and in more than 65 countries. It is extremely robust and applicable to events of any size.


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