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We produce timing hardware. With our products, organisers in over 65 countries create amazing sport experiences for outdoor enthusiasts. Designed and produced in Germany, our hardware is light, robust, and easy to set up.

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Did you know: The SPORTident O-Stands and Cones are especially suitable for orienteering trainings

No matter if you want to organise an O-Training or an O-Game for the kids at school, with the SPORTident orienteering stands you can easily and quickly set up the stations on all surfaces.

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Prepare your sports equipment for the first big competitions this year with SI Config+

The first major competitions this year are just around the corner - such as the POM2020, the first MTBO competitions or the EWS in Colombia. Use the time now to prepare your timing equipment in the best possible way. 

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Discover the SPORTident Mobile Reader App - explainer video

It is an Android app which reads out SI-Cards and uploads live timing data from the course to SPORTident Center.

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SIAC - all colours


The SPORTident ActiveCard records your time. It's fast. It's contactless. It's amazing. With its 3 meter range and 0.01 second resolution, the ActiveCard gets out of the way while you concentrate on what matters most: your sport.

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MTB Enduro riders

Create unforgettable experiences

SPORTident makes organising events easier. You can configure the hardware in a snap, throw everything you need in a backback and leave it out in the mountains for weeks. With SPORTident, simplify your timekeeping and concentrate on creating great experiences for your participants.

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