BSF9 with theft protection

The new housing is extremely stable and robust. It fits into the mounting plate so far offered for the BSx8. In addition, there are four mounting holes. This enables a direct mounting of the station for permanent and semi-permanent fixed control stations as well as the usage of fixings for anti-theft purposes.

Stations ground plate is mounted by using four screws. The use of a silicon like sealant becomes obsolete. In addition, the hole is no longer continuous, which eliminates a sealing point. This is not only more sustainable and environmentally friendly but also makes it easier to service the station in case of needs. The typical service case is stations battery exchange after some years of operation.

BSF9 mounted with screws
LED blinking during punching

Station BSF9 always comes with status/service display on top. Readability of the LCD is improved by using a new background contrast colour. Other improvements are the LED’s for optical feedback signals. The LED’s are now placed round about the punching hole and cannot be covered by athlete’s hand.

By functionality the station BSF9 is fully equivalent to the BSF8. It can be configured in all operating modes. It supports classic punching and contactless AIR+ mode.

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BSF9 with SIAC
SPORTident station for universal use.


Control station for universal use.

Direct punching modes only or combined direct/contactless punching modes fully in accordiance to IOF standards.

SPORTident with power management.

Power management

Extremely low power consuming working scheme for typically five years of operating time before battery exchange.

Easiest user handling based on “always on” feature, no need to switch on or turn off the station.

SPORTident robust and accurate hardware

Robust and accurate hardware

High robustness for distributed setup caused by real time clock concept and highly accurate internal clock system.

Non-volatile configuration memory and data backup memory for more than 20,000 punching records.

SPORTident compatibility and warranty

Compatibility and warranty

Extremely stable and robust housing that fits into the mounting plate for the BSx8.

Warranty 2 years.