We produce timing hardware. With our products, organisers in over 65 countries create amazing sport experiences for outdoor enthusiasts. Designed and produced in Germany, our hardware is light, robust, and easy to set up.

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Expand your training possibilities and get a BSF8 Station for free!

The season is almost starting and orienteering training starts everywhere. Set new courses and expand your training. For this purpose, we are offering you an additional BSF8 Station and a 1-year Orienteering App Subscription 100 for free, so that you can ideally create your training results. 

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SPORTident explains – something worth knowing every month

We often receive questions from all over the world about our products, their functionality or handling. Sometimes at events we also realize that misinformation is circulating on some topics or that some things are not quite clear. We want to change that!

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You have surprised us a lot!

Your numerous answers to all four questions have shown us how familiar you are with the SIAC and where there may still be some uncertainties. We have therefore summarised our four questions and the correct answers for you.

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The most beautiful we ever had!

For our "End of the Year Offer" we introduce the SIAC "Edition 2023". It is the second continious year that we offer this collector's colourful edition.

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School and Training Set Upgrade with SI-Card9 - for the new school year

The new school year is ready to start. Children are looking forward to meeting their friends and to doing sports together. How about something new? Does your school already own an orienteering School and Training Set?

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Improved course setting features of BSF9

Comprehensive preparations has to be done for the course setting. The course has to be planned, the control stations have to be configured and distributed in the terrain by the course setter. The BSF9 has a number of useful extras to make these preparation steps error-resistant and faster.

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SIAC battery replacement

Many of you know and like it, the SPORTident Active Card (SIAC). The SIAC has been used for several years in orienteering, other sports, major competitions and championships. This unit withstands the most extreme weather conditions and is a long-lasting sports equipment. 

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SIAC - all colours


The SPORTident ActiveCard records your time. It's fast. It's contactless. It's amazing. With its 3 meter range and 0.01 second resolution, the ActiveCard gets out of the way while you concentrate on what matters most: your sport.

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MTB Enduro riders

Create unforgettable experiences

SPORTident makes organising events easier. You can configure the hardware in a snap, throw everything you need in a backback and leave it out in the mountains for weeks. With SPORTident, simplify your timekeeping and concentrate on creating great experiences for your participants.

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