We produce timing hardware. With our products, organisers in over 65 countries create amazing sport experiences for outdoor enthusiasts. Designed and produced in Germany, our hardware is light, robust, and easy to set up.

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Score-O and Rogaining now supported by the O-App

With the latest release of the SPORTident Orienteering App (R276) come new possibilities. Score-O and Rogaining trainings and competitions can now be managed with the app. In this context, SPORTident Center allows for a great visual representation of the results of these two forms of Orienteering by displaying the individual route choices on the map.

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SPORTident supports the International Orienteering Federation

A common goal unites. That is why we are pleased to continue our long-standing support of the International Orienteering Federation (IOF), starting a new chapter in our sponsoring and partnership today.

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Can manual and contactless punching be done simultaneously at the same station?

The answer to this is clear: Yes! The detection area of the SPORTident station (BSF7/8/9), which is switched on and works in contactless mode, is expanded so much that manual and contactless punching is possible.

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Pink and Turquoise SIAC

We were often asked, whether the so popular Pink or Turquoise SIAC are also available for purchase. We have fulfilled your request and are happy to offer both colours as standard colours from now on.

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Do you know all three answers of the WOD 2023 Raffle?

From today until 23.05.2023 - for the whole duration of the WOD - our raffle will run. Can you answer all 3 questions correctly? If so, with a little luck you can win one of our much coveted special WOD Mounting Sets for you, your club or your school. 

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SPORTident explains – something worth knowing every month

We often receive questions from all over the world about our products, their functionality or handling. Sometimes at events we also realize that misinformation is circulating on some topics or that some things are not quite clear. We want to change that!

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SIAC - all colours


The SPORTident ActiveCard records your time. It's fast. It's contactless. It's amazing. With its 3 meter range and 0.01 second resolution, the ActiveCard gets out of the way while you concentrate on what matters most: your sport.

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MTB Enduro riders

Create unforgettable experiences

SPORTident makes organising events easier. You can configure the hardware in a snap, throw everything you need in a backback and leave it out in the mountains for weeks. With SPORTident, simplify your timekeeping and concentrate on creating great experiences for your participants.

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