SPORTident Orienteering is the app for managing your timed orienteering training. Read out cards and get splits printouts, rankings and online results instantly.

The app has pre-configured modes for trainings and competitions for an easy and quick setup. Users may simply connect their SPORTident station, open a new training in the app with just three taps and are all set to read out SI cards. For trainings, the courses are automatically created based on the data from the cards. Split times and results can be printed with the SPORTident Printer and directly published to the web.

The main event view of the app features three convenient tabs: Registration, Readout and Results. Event settings, course data, online results publishing, and user account management are easily accessible from the menu.



Publishing results to the web and exporting results requires a SPORTident Center account. Additional fees may apply. Please refer to the product presentation page for more details.