Welcome to the community of Air+ users. With the SPORTident Active Card (SIAC) you have purchased a high-quality transponder that combines three functions. In Air+ mode you get the stamps from a SPORTident Control Station without touching it. The distance between SIAC and Control Station can be up to 3 m and is determined by the SPORTident Control Station used. The SIAC works in punching mode like a SI-Card10 and is therefore a backup system in itself. The third function of the SIAC is the transmission of short range radio when requested by the SPORTident Control Station.

SIAC services: battery exchange


The lifetime of a battery is influenced by how it is used. Normally a battery works up to 4 years and about 100 clearing cycles. What can you do to keep your SIAC in contactless working mode? If you register your SIAC to us, we will inform you in time when a battery exchange will be necessary. So you don't have to worry about it. If you don't want to do the registration, of course you can check your battery status yourself at any time and use our battery service form.

SIAC Battery Service

Registration for full SIAC services


Three ways to detect the need for a battery exchange



You can measure the current voltage of SIAC’s battery by using an ordinary SPORTident station configured as "SIAC battery test".



An integrated battery voltage measurement, with a beeping signal, will indicate the need for a battery exchange.



You can also check battery status (among other things: age, clear acount, voltage) with the SPORTident software Config+ together with a readout station.

Register your SIAC here. We will then remind you in time of the upcoming battery exchange, so that you are always on Air+. In addition, we inform you about current updates and new products.

Main features of SIAC



60 ms data exchange time

Less than 0.5 s clear time

Readout time:
- RFID < 4 s
- SRR < 1 s


128 intermediate times

Clear, check, start, finish as special records

24h time format and day of week


SI-Stations BSF7/8, Firmware V6.00 and higher

SI-Stations BSF11, Firmware 3.12 and higher

Orienteering, MTB, Enduro, Triathlon, Trail and other outdoor sports


-20°C ... +50°C operating range

Class IP67 (DIN EN 60529) protection:
- against ingress of dust
- against water immersion