Enthusiastic users of the SPORTident AIR+ technology at the Jan Kjellstrom Trophy 2017

The JK International Festival of Orienteering is held each Easter in a different part of the UK. With more than 2,500 participants, it is Britain and Ireland’s largest annual orienteering event, where SPORTident (both contactless and direct) has been used. This provided SPORTident an opportunity to show how effective our timing technology is for both organisers and competitors. The SIAC Card has been developed to work contactlessly with all existing SPORTident stations. Orienteers were able to use their traditional SI-Cards for direct punching in the stations or they could use a SIAC for contactless punching. Every orienteer was given the opportunity to hire a SIAC if they didn’t already own one. All juniors aged 18 or less - youngsters are the future for the sport - had the opportunity to test for FREE our contactless punching way, a fresh, exciting and modern experience. By the end of the weekend, parents had a good idea of the next Birthday/Christmas present for their children.

The weekend was a complete success for both orienteers and organisers. On some of the days up to 60% of orienteers were using a SIAC for contactless punching.   SPORTident would like to thank JK2017 for their visionary thinking and allowing us to showcase mixed punching at the largest orienteering event in the world so far.

Photographer: Robert Lines

Win a supporting set of 15 O-Stand and 15 control flags

Specially for the World Orienteering Day 2017 we developed orienteering equipment for the young generation of orienteers. This also affects the support of the work of the organisers and the teachers in orienteering activities. Create an exciting course, turn on our timing equipment, start with the competition and get an instant printout of the results. The kids will love it!

Use your chance to complete your "WOD" School-Set and win a supporting set of 15 O-Stand and 15 control flags. 

With every order of a “WOD” School-Set you will automatically participate to our lottery which will take place on the 30th of April 2017.

Be part of the World Orienteering Day and use our special offers to make your event exciting and unforgettable.

Be fast and order our special offers: www.sportident.com/wod

SPORTident solution at the CeBIT 2017

At the Aranea+ climbing hall in Schaffhausen, Switzerland sport climbing has recently gained an exciting added dimension. The new Climbing Challenge system allows climbers to collect points by completing various routes. The walls have been equipped with SPORTident AIR+ control stations and the climbers wear wristbands with a SPORTident ActiveCard (SIAC) that registers and evaluates the routes they complete. They can check and compare their scores at touch screens set up in the hall.

This innovative solution was developed by the joint project of ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Science and SPORTident. The initiator of the Climbing Challenge, Pascal Parodi, manager of Aranea+ says “With the new system, we can offer our customers added value and host exciting competitions”.

The ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Science will present the Climbing Solution for the first time at the CeBIT from 20 - 24 March 2017. Take the opportunity to find out about this innovative solution. Visit the ZHAW booth at Hall 6, booth E30.

SPORTident - Special offers for the World Orienteering Day

Specially for the World Orienteering Day 2017 we developed orienteering equipment for the young generation of orienteers. Children from all over the world aspire to follow in the footsteps of their idols. We would like to support this next generation in reaching their goals, with full performance timing equipment adjusted for schools and kids, fully compatible with the common SPORTident hardware.

We assembled three combinations of our SPORTident School-Set “WOD” with different types of SPORTident Cards. All sets contain 15 SI-Stations (BSF8), 1 SI-Master and the SI-Printout Set to guarantee a fast and easy evaluation and are available in three different options. Option one: 30 SI-pCard, designed with the “WOD” logo. Option two: 30 SI-ComCard “School”, developed for the World Orienteering day. Option three: 30 brand new SPORTident ActiveCard “School” in grapefruit neon color, which allow the contactless punching of up to 30 controls.

Complete your set with the brand new O-Stands and Flags.

Read more about our special offers: https://www.sportident.com/wod

SPORTident - Event Sponsor of the World Orienteering Day 2017

SPORTident is very proud to support the IOF as an event sponsor of the World Orienteering Day on 24 May 2017 and to make our sport more attractive.

We believe in the importance of activities in sports to enhance health and vitality. It is our aim to promote and support the orienteering sport all over the world. 

There will be more news in the coming months to inform you more detailed about the WOD 2017 and SPORTident actions as well as some special offers for our products.

Be part of this exciting day and register your event at the website worldorienteeringday.com.

SPORTident Climbing Solution

Climbing is now even more exciting in the climbing hall Aranea+ in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. The system "Climbing Challenge" allows the climber to complete different climbing routes and collect points. On touch screens in the hall the climber can check his scores.

The SPORTident AIR+ technology is supporting this innovative and fascinate climbing experience and it is easy to set up. The climbing routes must be equipped with SPORTident AIR+ control stations and the climber has to fix the SPORTident ActiveCard (SIAC) with an elastic band on his wrist. The contactless timing by the SIAC allows a quick tracking and evaluation of the climbing route. You get the results instantly and the online data service allows displaying the results on a monitor or a laptop.

Ideal for beginners, families, groups and can be used indoor or outdoor. No previous experience necessary. By using the SPORTident AIR+ system you can offer your clients added value and align exciting climbing competitions.

SPORTident Selfie Contest

The sporty season has already started. Now you get the chance to win a SPORTident ActiveCard (SIAC).


  1. Send us a selfie of you doing your sport and using SPORTident equipment. Send the picture to support@sportident.com
  2. We will publish all selfies at facebook in the album “SPORTident Selfie Contest”.
  3. Try to get as many likes as possible for your picture. The picture getting the most likes wins the SIAC.

The contest ends at the 31st of August 2016.

Fruity coloured SIAC

Due to the very high demand for our limited edition of neon coloured SPORTident ActiveCards during the holiday season at the end of the last year, we decided to add one of the neon colours to our program. From now on the SIAC will also be available in neon lemon.

Let the new fresh and fruity SIAC become your sporty friend and experience a new way to be faster. Take the next step and speed up your sport with contactless timing!

In addition we offer now a SIAC guarantee extension for two years, which includes one battery exchange too.

Are you ready for the next season of fast and exciting sporting events?

Read more about the SIAC >

Order your SIAC now >

ESTIMATE the number of SI-Cards and win one SIAC

Do you have any idea how many SIACs we put in this vessel? Estimate the number of SIACs and write it as a comment under our facebook post. The one being closest at the real number will win one SIAC in his/her favourite colour. Have fun!

You can write your suggestions until Monday, 28th of March. The winner will be announced next week at our facebook page.

SPORTident Competition: And the winner is ...

Thanks for all your votes via facebook and email. Since it was very close, we decided to honor two ideas and we will award the first and the second place.

The second place is given to Ilze and Laura and their suggestion to support Geocaching with our technology. This idea will be awarded with two ComCards Up. Congratulations to Ilze and Laura!

And the winner of our competition, who is invited to visit us in Arnstadt, is … Malte. Congratulations to your amazing idea of the E Ink display for the station BSF8. This idea convinced not just our customers but also the whole SPORTident team. Malte is invited to visit us at our headquarter in Arnstadt, to spend two days with SPORTident and stay for one night in the city that is also known as "The Gateway to the Thuringian Forest". We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

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