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BS11-Loop and the Air+ Signal Indicator are refreshed

BS11- Loop
For events with a lot of participants, where a reliable time keeping is needed, we offer the optimal solution. Whether running or mountain bike racing, with the SPORTident ground antenna in combination with the Air + system, we guarantee a clearly taken race time of each athlete. On the finish line, the SPORTident ground antenna is placed under a protective mat on the ground. Its length can be varied up to 6m. The SPORTident BS 11-Loop antenna could also get used in cases with the intension of flying starts at the beginning of an event.

Air + Signal Indicator
The latest product from SPORTident is the so-called Indicator. This kind of RSSI is used to control and define the signal fields to avoid interferences with other magnetic fields, p.e. within transition area/ changing area of Relay races. The SPORTident indicator is an innovative feature for organisers of running events and clubs, used to measure the real magnetic field.

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From 4st until 24th September every customer who orders a School Training Set will take part in our “12+12 lottery”. 5 of them can win 12 new O-stands and control flags 30x30 in addition, to complete their Set.

New partnership with usp management from Saxony

unique - sports- passion- usp management ltd. from Dresden City, in the east of Germany, is now official partner of SPORTident.

The young company offers guided MTB tours, sport events and video production.

The guided MTB trips with the brand name "TransOst" from Bavaria (Germany) to the Black Sea stand for mountain biking, unforgettable adventures and pioneering. The services from usp management ltd. range from the delivery of GPS data to fully organized trips with a certified guide, accompanying vehicle with luggage transport and rental bikes - from day trips to multi-day trips- for B2B and B2C market.
Whether your own sporting events or as a co-organizer or as a service provider for other agencies in the performance of their sporting events, the guys from usp provide a lot of events with their expertise and our professional SPORTident equipment. In addition, they are organizers of national youth games or national university championships.
A further mainstay of this young and aspiring company is video productions, such as event, image, or sports films. Whether reportage or documentation - they have many years of professional experience in the implementation of film projects, from the idea to the editorial department, to filming, editing and post-production.


All further information about the "TransOst" and the usp management you can find on their official website: or on their Facebook channel @TransOst.

SPORTidents innovative O-Stand

The fastest way to fix your flag well balanced

With our new developed and optimized O-Stand we guarantee a smarter construction to fix your stations and flags very fast, easy and well balanced. With its less weight, the O-Stand is easy to carry, but robust at all. To complete your Set and to handle all your events more comfortable, you should order our new O-Stand- the smartest way for organisers. 

Further information about our new O-stand.

Image video showing all advantages of our new O-stand.


BS11 and Air+ system - a flexible solution

Our SPORTident BS11 stations are really comfortable for organisers to handle, light and easy to carry and very robust. Add to that, they have the following advantages:

  • Higher reach 1.80m(BS11-BS) and 3m(BS11-BL), that means 3 times higher range than BS7/8:  enables time keeping within a bigger circle
  • Rechargable:  comfortable handling for organisers, sustainable and environmental friendly
  • Perfect use for fast running events: more flexibility for athletes and organisers
  • Light and Easy to fix despite robust construction
  • Weatherproof between -20 up to 50 degree

In combination with our SPORTident ActiveCard (SIAC), which enables contactless timing, it makes an ideal solution for trail running, mountain biking, orienteering sprint races, and other fast and adventure sports. 


These stations are available in following sets:
MTB Enduro Set and Time Keeper Set

For more information:

Visit our website for special information about the SPORTident BS11 station.

To order directly, click here.

Results of SPORTidents user survey concerning WOD 2017

To all participnats we want to say "Thank you very much" for taking part in our survey concerning the WOD 2017. With your answers, we got valuable input for starting to improve the quality of our products and services and it helped us a lot to report the WOD 2017. Therefore, we want to give you a short summary.

Summarized it can be said, that more than the half of the interviewed people didn´t participate for the first time in WOD 2017. Most of them participated with a sports or special orienteering club, to make their sport more popular, even to young people. With 71 points in average the more than 140 participants of our survey thought that the WOD 2017 was successful in their opinion and are going to take part in the next years` WOD, too. We also find out that 85% are doing orienteering sports next to the WOD in an o-club with passion. In conclusion, the main part of the survey participants are doing orienteering sports regularly in a club and think that the WOD is an great opportunity to make this sport more popular to the whole world. Nevertheless, there are untaken chances to support this kind of sport more, that e.g. schools get in touch early to introduce it to the young people or to reach more attention.

If you want to share your experiences with SPORTident equpiment or just want to give a feedback and personal opinion we are looking forward to your Mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

SPORTident supports the Deaflympics 2017 in Samsun

SPORTident provides all Orienteering Events of the 23rd Deaflympics in Samsun, Turkey. 9 Events will be held, from sprint distance to long distance and relay, too. The Orienteering competition will start on 21st July with sprint distance men and women and will end at 29th July with relay men and women. All dates and more information about the events you can find here.

Orienteering, as one discipline of the Deaflympic games, takes place for the 6th time. In 1997 Orienteering was implemented for the first in the Deaflympics in Copenhagen, followed by the Deaflympics in Rome 2001, Melbourne 2005, Taipei 2009 and Sofia 2013.

We keep our fingers crossed for all athletes and wish maximum success for all disciplines- Make the most of your sport. 

Another success for SPORTident in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the pioneers in effective and fast implementing contactless punching technology to national o-events.

In October 2016 the swiss orienteering federation enabled all swiss orienteering events for contactless punching. Since the starting of o- season 2017, the athletes can chose if they want to use contactless punching with SIAC Air+ technology or an conventional punching with a standard SI-Card. This is possible, because the previous control units can be programmed to run in AIR+ mode and still allow conventional punching at the same time at the same station.

A big success for the SIAC Air+ technology was the Swiss championship for sprint orienteering last weekend in Windisch, CH. More than the half of athletes, 1047, were using the latest contactless punching system from Sportident with high satisfaction.

Thanks to all swiss supporters for this great success story.

Make the most of your sport.


Enthusiastic users of the SPORTident AIR+ technology at the Jan Kjellstrom Trophy 2017

The JK International Festival of Orienteering is held each Easter in a different part of the UK. With more than 2,500 participants, it is Britain and Ireland’s largest annual orienteering event, where SPORTident (both contactless and direct) has been used. This provided SPORTident an opportunity to show how effective our timing technology is for both organisers and competitors. The SIAC Card has been developed to work contactlessly with all existing SPORTident stations. Orienteers were able to use their traditional SI-Cards for direct punching in the stations or they could use a SIAC for contactless punching. Every orienteer was given the opportunity to hire a SIAC if they didn’t already own one. All juniors aged 18 or less - youngsters are the future for the sport - had the opportunity to test for FREE our contactless punching way, a fresh, exciting and modern experience. By the end of the weekend, parents had a good idea of the next Birthday/Christmas present for their children.

The weekend was a complete success for both orienteers and organisers. On some of the days up to 60% of orienteers were using a SIAC for contactless punching.   SPORTident would like to thank JK2017 for their visionary thinking and allowing us to showcase mixed punching at the largest orienteering event in the world so far.

Photographer: Robert Lines

Win a supporting set of 15 O-Stand and 15 control flags

Specially for the World Orienteering Day 2017 we developed orienteering equipment for the young generation of orienteers. This also affects the support of the work of the organisers and the teachers in orienteering activities. Create an exciting course, turn on our timing equipment, start with the competition and get an instant printout of the results. The kids will love it!

Use your chance to complete your "WOD" School-Set and win a supporting set of 15 O-Stand and 15 control flags. 

With every order of a “WOD” School-Set you will automatically participate to our lottery which will take place on the 30th of April 2017.

Be part of the World Orienteering Day and use our special offers to make your event exciting and unforgettable.

Be fast and order our special offers:

SPORTident solution at the CeBIT 2017

At the Aranea+ climbing hall in Schaffhausen, Switzerland sport climbing has recently gained an exciting added dimension. The new Climbing Challenge system allows climbers to collect points by completing various routes. The walls have been equipped with SPORTident AIR+ control stations and the climbers wear wristbands with a SPORTident ActiveCard (SIAC) that registers and evaluates the routes they complete. They can check and compare their scores at touch screens set up in the hall.

This innovative solution was developed by the joint project of ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Science and SPORTident. The initiator of the Climbing Challenge, Pascal Parodi, manager of Aranea+ says “With the new system, we can offer our customers added value and host exciting competitions”.

The ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Science will present the Climbing Solution for the first time at the CeBIT from 20 - 24 March 2017. Take the opportunity to find out about this innovative solution. Visit the ZHAW booth at Hall 6, booth E30.

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