World Orienteering Day is here

We have drawn the first lucky winners of our World Orienteering Day lottery. Congratulations to the three clubs who won the Orienteering App Set!

The winners are:

  • Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club, Great Britain
  • Club de Orientación Bidea, Spain
  • PSK Pobeda - Orijentiring, Serbia

The SPORTident Orienteering App Set comes with the Orienteering Android app, the SPORTident Printer and a BSM8 readout station. The App Set is the easiest way to manage your timed orienteering training. Read out cards and get splits printouts, rankings and online results instantly.

For the World Orienteering Day, the orienteering community comes together to showcase and push our beautiful sport. With days in the northern hemisphere getting longer, the World Orienteering Day lasts one full week, from May 15 to May 21. We are looking forward to seven days of great orienteering events around the globe!

Your club or your school didn't win in the WOD Orienteering App lottery? Then take part in the WOD O-Starter lottery: Win one O-Starter Set with the gripping story of your WOD event. Apply until May 24.

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