Perfect organised Ski-O-World Masters Championchips

All organisers know that a successful event requires not only an excellent qualified team, but also the perfect equipment. Thanks to the loop antenna used at the finish, a successful sprint was guaranteed.

The BS11-Loop antenna is available in two different lengths: 6m or 9m. It was developed especially for wide finishes. One of the biggest advantages is that there is no technical limitation of simultaneous race finishers. Athletes who finish (almost) simultaneously also receive their individual finishing time via their SIAC Air+. The loop antenna is independent of weather and is not affected by frost. So it can be used at ski and snow events as well as in rain and heat. In snow, the antenna lies under the snow. On paths, meadows or roads the antenna is covered with a protection rubber mat after it is rolled out. It is simply connected via plug to the BS11-BL Control Station. The handling is very easy and can be done by just one person. The BS11-Loop Antenna is configurable with our SPORTident Software SPORTindent Config+ (free software) and is a real "must have".

For more information please have a look at our product page: BS11-Loop antenna

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