Orienteering App. Now with maps.

The summer 2020 update of the SPORTident Orienteering App integrates directly with OCAD, offering an unprecedented workflow for the preparation, execution, and analysis of your orienteering training. With the map right next to your online results, participants can discuss and compare their performance in an exciting new way.

The SPORTident Orienteering App, which was first released in 2019, is the Android app for managing timed orienteering trainings. A standard SPORTident readout station can be connected via USB to the smartphone to read out SI-Cards. The app is used to register competitors, read out cards, print split times, and publish results instantly to the web. Quick result sheets are printed by linking the app with the SPORTident Printer via Bluetooth. The results are published on the cloud platform SPORTident Center, which provides rich results presentation with split times and graphs.

To facilitate competitor registration on mobile devices, the new version of the Orienteering App offers the option to import competitor databases via SPORTident Center. Such a database can for example include all members of an organisation or all past participants of an event series. During registration or readout, the app automatically selects athletes from the database if there is a matching card number or presents a searchable list of all known athletes. There is no need to type in the information manually anymore.

With the June update, there is a now an integration with the popular mapping and course setting software OCAD. Courses and maps can be uploaded to SPORTident Center with just a few simple steps directly from within OCAD 2020. From there, the courses and classes are automatically imported into the app. The map and courses can be viewed in the app and optionally published together with the results. With this update, SPORTident introduces "spectormap", a new feature in SPORTident Center to visualise and compare the performance of the athletes on the map for each individual leg.

Online results can be accessed via the public event list in SPORTident Center or directly for a specific event with a short URL or printed QR code. The online results presentation is optimised for mobile and desktop browsers. Installation of the SPORTident Orienteering app is not required for viewing the results.

>The SPORTident Orienteering app is available on Google Play.

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