One-year Orienteering App subscription for free for WOD organisers

One-year Orienteering App subscription for free for WOD organisers

The countdown is on for the second World Orienteering Day (WOD) from 08th - 14th September this year. SPORTident, as the exclusive timing partner of World Orienteering Day, has once again improved its offer to WOD organisers. All WOD organisers will use the SPORTident Orienteering App and its results platform free of charge. The type of competition does not matter: from flag orienteering to maze orienteering to running with orienteering map and compass.

Even if your results are created with a different software, you can present them in SPORTident Center and benefit from the fantastic possibilities. All you have to do is to upload the final results file into your SPORTident Center account. What is the advantage? Everyone who tries our WOD offer will receive a one-year Orienteering 100 subscription valued 30€ for free.

With an Orienteering 100 subscription, you can time as many training sessions and events as you like with up to 100 participants per event for one year and have a comprehensive results and analysis platform for all participants. Each participant can view and analyse these results on their own device (smartphone, tablet, computer).

It is as simple as that:

  1. Register your event on the WOD page.
  2. Install the SPORTident Orienteering App from Google Play on your Android device.
  3. Open the app, got to "User account" and create an account or sign-in with an existing one.
  4. Go to "Manage subscription" and choose the Orienteering App 100 subscription as a free trial.
  5. Create an event and link it with SPORTident Center and enable "Publish results" in "Event setup".
  6. Go to "Manage Event" in "Event setup" and set the type of the event to "World Orienteering Day”.
  7. Connect the readout station to your Android device and start with the event.
  8. After the event, send an email to support@sportident.com and request your free one-year subscription with the reference to the WOD event.

Detailed information about the SPORTident Orienteering App and the results platform SPORTident Center can be found on our website. You can see an example of the results display in the SPORTident Center.

Please feel free to try it out.

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