SIAC battery replacement

Sometimes one might forget that the SIAC is equipped with a battery that enables contactless punching. And although the power consumption of the SIAC is extremely low, the strongest battery will run out at some point. In general, the SIAC battery will run for 3 years without any problem.

We therefore recommend having the installed battery replaced three years after the production date or three years after the last battery replacement date.

The age of each SIAC battery can be checked directly on our website on the "SIAC battery service" page section. All you must do is enter your SIAC number in the inquiry field.

The battery replacement process is environmentally friendly and saves resources, as we open the SIAC at the factory and we only replace the battery. Afterwards, the SIAC gets a brand-new case and is as good as new and ready to be used at least for the next three years. It is important that the battery replacement is registered on the SPORTident "SIAC battery service" page.

The SIAC battery test station can be used to check the battery voltage of the SIAC before competitions. If it shows a warning or failure, please send your SIAC immediately for battery replacement. The battery test station functions as an indicator and not as a binding measuring device, as a battery is subject to natural fluctuations.

If the SIAC battery fails during an orienteering race, this is not a problem. The SIAC has an integrated back-up system. So that the SIAC always and at any time can be punched manually without any problems during an orienteering event using standard BS7/8/9 stations.

Check your SIAC battery and be ready for the next big competition. We wish you a lot of fun and great success with the SPORTident Active Card.

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