Do you know the best setup in the Start Garden of an orienteering competition?

Before the start, the registration of the participants takes place in the race center. Therefore, this is the ideal place for the "SIAC Battery Test" station. With this station all participants can check in advance if the battery of the SIAC is OK. For this purpose the participant punches his SIAC manually.

The SIAC Battery Test station checks the battery voltage. If this is no longer sufficient, the test station displays a warning or a failure and the SIAC should be sent immediately for battery replacement and another unit should be used for the race.

The Start Garden includes the stations "CLEAR", "CHECK" and "SIAC TEST" (in exactly this order). Three steps so that each runner is perfectly prepared for the start and the run. The "CLEAR" station deletes all old punches. The "CHECK" station checks if this has been done and turns on AIR+ mode (contactless punching). The third step is new. The "SIAC TEST" station checks if the Air+ mode is switched on.

With a well-constructed start area, the participants know whether the SIAC is OK, and all old punches have been deleted with certainty, and they can be sure that the AIR+ mode is active. The runner is ready to start!

In principle, we recommend having the SIAC battery replaced after 3 years from the production date or 3 years from the last battery replacement date to ensure correct use, even though many SIACs work perfectly for longer than 3 years. When it is time to have the battery replaced, you can check it at any time on our website in the Support - SIAC Battery service section. All you have to do is enter the 7-digit SIAC number.

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