Improved course setting features of BSF9

Thanks to the improved display, which is located on top of the station, you have a better control function at all times. For example, to check the time and control number even after the station has been fixed. In addition, the display of the new extremely stable and robust housing is slightly lower, which is an additional protection against scratches.

Moreover, the new BSF9 station has a significantly improved optical feedback signal. With the previous stations, it could always happen that a runner's hand covered the optical feedback signal. Thanks to the optimised arrangement of 3 LEDs around the hole, the optical feedback signal is now always visible.

In order to secure the BSF9 station against theft, the new housing has four mounting holes with which the station can be secured. You can also get the matching 2m long sheathed steel cable with security lock from us.

It is always important to us, that SPORTident products are environmentally friendly and durable. Therefore, the new BSF9 housing is now screwed watertight and no longer glued as before. This is not only more sustainable, but also enables easier maintenance of the unit. In addition, the BSF9 is extremely power-saving in operation despite its "always-on" function. Every new product in our product family is characterised by its compatible with older product generations for many years.


In summary, an overview of the advantages:

- Display on the top

- The new housing is extremely stable and robust

- It has four mounting holes for anti-theft protection

- The screwed case is more sustainable and environmentally friendly than a glued case

- The hole for punching is no longer continuous, eliminating a sealing point

- Improved readability thanks to a new LCD display

- Improved optical feedback signal thanks to an optimised arrangement of LEDs

- Extremely power-saving operation despite "always-on" function

- 2-year manufacturer's warranty

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