You have surprised us a lot!

After our SPORTident Advent Raffle, we are overwhelmed by the participation from all over the world. You have sent your answers regarding our four Advent questions about SIAC from over 45 countries, confirming how big our orienteering sports family is. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and wish to our four winners, Dom Dakin, Jakub Sawościanik, Ivan Šeperić-Grdiša and Riccardo Astolfi a lot of fun and joy with their new SIAC "Edition 2023". We would be very happy to receive a photo of the SIAC with you in a competition.

Your numerous answers to all four questions have shown us how familiar you are with the SIAC and where there may still be some uncertainties. We have therefore summarised our four questions and the correct answers for you.


1. First question: After how many  years do we recommend a battery replacement for the SIAC? 

ANSWER: "After 3 years" or "Our recommendation ist hat the installed battery should be replaced three years after the production date or three years after the last battery replacement date."


2. Second question: How many hours after the last punch does the SIAC switch off automatically, if it is not switched off by the "Finish" punch?

ANSWER: "The SIAC remains active for about 20 hours if it is not switched off by the "Finish" punch."


3. Third question: Why do you need to "CLEAR" and "CHECK" the SIAC  before the start?

ANSWER: "Clear is needed to clear the punches from the card. Check is needed to confirm the card is cleared AND to turn on the AIR+ mode on the card."


4. Fourth question: Why should you use "SIAC Test" before the start? 

ANSWER: "The "SIAC Test" station checks if the AIR+ mode is switched on. If the AIR+ function is not activated, you can manually punch the SIAC into the "SIAC Test" station to activate the SIAC directly before the start."


You are welcome to watch our explanatory video "How to use the SIAC" on Youtube

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