Our special World Orienteering Day 2023 offer! Set up your course indoors or outdoors - on either soft or solid ground

In order to be able to set up great training courses for the WOD - whether indoors or outdoors, or on either soft or solid grounds - we have put together a really practical Mounting Set for you. It consists of 10 SPORTident O-Cones and 10 O-Stands. In addition, you receive a 10% discount on this set and we offer you a roll of 200m SPORTident barrier tape for free. With this Mounting Set you can set up your course anywhere and be well prepared.

The O-Stand is composed of a Mounting Holder plate for BSF8/9 and fixed on the base, a red coupling piece, and a fiberglass stick 80cm. The product was developed for trainings and events, because it is easy to set up in different terrains and comfortable to transport.

The orange-coloured plastic O-Cone with SI label is an ideal stand for mounting the BSF8/9 Control Stations. It can be used as an orienteering stand (O-Stand) on solid grounds, like school grounds or paved paths. The red coupling base of BSF8/9 Mounting Holder plate has been modified especially to enable the perfect fixing on the O-Cones. The O-Cones can be used as a supplement to the fiberglass O-Stands. The BSF8/9 Mounting Holder base (red coupling piece) can be fitted to both the O-Cones and the fiberglass O-Stands. Optionally, a SPORTident control flag can be attached.

Our offered Mounting Set is an ideal addition to every School and Training Set, which contains 10 control stations each. Order now at your local SPORTident partner or send us an e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Our sales campaign runs until 23.05.23 and only while stocks last.


We wish you sporting success - your SPORTident Team cooperating with the IOF for sponsoring the WOD 2023.


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