Do you know all three answers of the WOD 2023 Raffle?

From today until 23.05.2023 - for the whole duration of the WOD - our raffle will run. Can you answer all 3 questions correctly? If so, with a little luck you can win one of our much coveted special WOD Mounting Sets for you, your club or your school.

The set consists of 10 O-Cones and 10 O-Stands including Mounting holder Plate and red coupling base. The red coupling piece is designed so that it can be attached to both the fibreglass stick and the cone. Our SPORTident stations can be easily attached to the Mounting holder Plate. It's super easy and fast. No matter if indoors or outdoors, on solid or soft grounds, with this, especially for the World Orienteering Day 2023 composed Mounting Set, you are absolutely flexible and can set up your course where you want it. The 200m roll of SPORTident barrier tape, which is also included, completes the set.

You can find our three questions directly on our raffle website.


P.S. the questions can be answered by everyone, no matter if you are a professional, a beginner or an "I-test-orienteering-once" person.


Good luck from your SPORTident team.


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