Can manual and contactless punching be done simultaneously at the same station?

The answer to this is clear: Yes! The detection area of the SPORTident station (BSF7/8/9), which is switched on and works in contactless mode, is expanded so much that manual and contactless punching is possible.

The station permanently transmits its station number and time within and in a spherical area around the station. Then this data is written to the SI-Card when the station is "punched".

Any number of SI-Cards can pass within the entire detection area at the same time and receive the transmitted data. This means that two athletes, one with SI-Card 8/9/10 and one with SIAC, can receive a time entry from the BSF station at the same time. The only difference: in the case of classic "punching", the station beeps and flashes to indicate successful registration. In the case of contactless mode, only the SIAC beeps and flashes.

Therefore, the misconception that when a manual SI-Card and a SIAC are punched at the same time, the SIAC receives its stamp in priority, is incorrect. The SIAC registration process simply works faster.


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