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    SIAC Air+

    SPORTident introduces a timekeeping device whose main purpose is to save your time. SIAC’s contactless timing enables you to register time in a proximity range of up to 3 meters. Your speed can be up to 80km/h to let SIAC finish identification cycle in only 60 ms, which lets you enjoy the race without a need to stop.

SPORTident – The timing solution for Orienteering


SPORTident provides extensive solutions for all orienteering sports. Trust the leading hardware provider in orienteering.

MTB Enduro

MTB Enduro

SPORTident is an ideal fit for MTB Enduro. Set up the stages with your bike and a backpack. Get live results.

School Sports

Explore innovative ways of teaching physical education that make lessons both fun and stimulating for your students.

Other Sports

Enjoy the pure nature and focus on your sport. SPORTident provides reliable timing and personal achievement for all Trail Running events.

Select the products according to your sport kind

  • Classic
Card Art.-No. 10200


SI-Card8 belongs to the second generation of SI-Cards. Providing new a...
  • Classic
Card Art.-No. 10420


The SPORTident pCard is an economical solution for outdoor sport event...
  • AIR+
  • Classic
Accessory Art.-No. 11145

SRR USB Dongle

The SRR USB Dongle receives data records sent from BSF8-SRR or SIAC. T...
  • AIR+
Accessory Art.-No. 30550

AIR+ signal indicator

This RSSI is used to control and define the signal fields to avoid int...
  • AIR+
  • Classic
Accessory Art.-No. 30510

Instruction cards

In order to use the SPORTident Station, the following Instruction card...
  • AIR+
  • Classic
Accessory Art.-No. 33200

Elastic bands

Using SPORTident Cards either in sport competitions or training, the a...
  • AIR+
  • Classic
Accessory Art.-No. 30210, 30220, 30230, 30240

Mounting Holder

Mounting holders developed for SPORTident Control Stations BSF9 and BS...
  • AIR+
  • Classic
Accessory Art.-No. 30303


Mounting holder plate for BSF8/9 fixed on the base (red coupling piece...
  • AIR+
  • Classic
Accessory Art.-No. 30280

SPORTident Cone

The orange-coloured plastic cone with SPORTident label is an ideal sta...
  • AIR+
  • Classic
Accessory Art.-No. 34010

Control flags

Control flags are used for orienteering activities as a sign at the co...
  • AIR+
  • Classic
Accessory Art.-No. 30320

Security lock for BSF9

The cable lock serves as anti-theft protection for the BSF9. The lock ...
  • AIR+
  • Classic
Accessory Art.-No. 32220

SPORTident barrier tape

The SPORTident barrier tape comes with the company logo and is a great...
  • AIR+
  • Classic
Accessory Art.-No. 30120

Transport case grey-S designed

The Transport case grey-S designed is available with three different i...
  • AIR+
  • Classic
Accessory Art.-No. 30010

Carrying vest

The Carrying vest is the perfect solution to transport your SPORTident...


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