This PC software enables you to manage your whole SPORTident equipment. SPORTident Config+ will combine the features and functionality of Config, Boot (firmware update) and Personal (personalize SI-Card) and take you to a new level of productivity when preparing your SPORTident equipment for the next event or training.

Standard users should load and install the normal setup version.

Portable version is designed to work from memory stick/card (but also works from any directory on your local disk) and does not leave any trace on the computer.
Please be aware that you still need .NET Framework installed on the computer and the application should have write access to its directory.

Hints for users of Windows XP: The installer does not run on Windows XP anymore. However, Config+ still does with the only limitation of not being able to automatically check for program and firmware updates. Please use the portable version on Windows XP machines to stay up to date with the application and the firmware package. Alternatively you can prepare an updated folder of Config+ and the latest firmware package on a later Windows operating system and copy the folder to your Windows XP machine. In addition, please consider to abdicate Windows XP and use a more recent Windows operating system.