Be a successful organiser with SPORTident services

As an organiser of any outdoor event, you need a reliable timekeeping system. If you want to manage multiple timing entries and if split times are important for the race or for the visitors, then use SPORTident, the most flexible timekeeping system. We provide a wide range of services: we directly support your event with our Timing Team, recommend our online services for your use, or just hire equipment. In any case, we will teach you how to set up the timing equipment for any race.

SPORTident Center

Web platform for managing your events online, importing start lists and instantly publishing results as well as export results.

Online Entry

Fast and easy online registration for events at timing website.

Result Service

Comprehensive result services including live results presentation at timing website.

Organised Timekeeping Service

Our professionals travel around the world to meet your needs and bring SPORTident Timekeeping to your athletes, clients, sponsors, and spectators.


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