Organised Timekeeping Service

Organised Timekeeping Service

One of the most important tasks for you as a race organiser is to quickly get the correct split and finish time, evaluate it and present it at the event center or on TV. If you publish results and slides accurately and quickly, then your participants and the visitors will be satisfied.

To relieve the organisers of all these challenges, the SPORTident Timing Team provides this service worldwide. We support you during the preparation for the race and on site. We will register the participants and equip them with a SPORTident Card, as well as set up and run the timing system, and evaluate the data as part of our Organised Timekeeping Service. Furthermore, we will present the live results at the event and print certificates for the participants.

Hire SPORTident Timekeeping Service and benefit from the advantages

As a professional Timekeeping Service, SPORTident allows you to be concentrated on other important tasks. You get all times immediately as well as an extended service with online registration, live data and online result presentation.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Professional support
  • Reliable result generation
  • Extended service with online registration, live data and web online result presentation
  • Saving of time and personnel

Some examples of races and events we support are:

  • Mountain biking: Enduro, Downhill, Cross Country, Orienteering
  • Running: Marathon, Longtime Running, Trail Running, Cross Running, Foot Orienteering
  • Nordic sports: Cross Country Skiing, Biathlon
  • Multi sports: Triathlon, Adventure, Military

Features of SPORTident Timekeeping Service

Before your race:

  • Extensive consultations with the responsible persons to record the task in detail
  • Provision of the online reporting portal
  • Access by the organiser to all event data
  • Publication of invitations to tender
  • Messages with and without compulsory registration
  • Use of alternative registration procedures (online, e-mail, paper registrations)
  • Validation of the reporting capability of participants with limited legal capacity
  • Publication of lists of participant on the Internet
  • Provision of payment information for the participant to receive the entry fees via different payment methods from the organiser to the organiser's account
  • Preparation and delivery of starting documents

After the race

  • Printing and dispatching certificates as well as online certificates
  • Printing and dispatching result lists and certificates as well as result lists on the Internet
  • Split time evaluation
  • Personal results for each participant
  • Statistical data for organisers, associations, press

During your race:

  • Realisation with mobile competition office
  • Output of transponders suitable for the event type
  • Measurement of up to 127 split times and target times
  • Evaluation of measured times by event type
  • Monitoring of neuralgic measuring points, e.g. turning loop or finish line
  • Digital alphanumeric displays for times and results
  • Real-time result processing, incl. generation of result lists
  • Live result display on monitors or screens
  • Speaker notebooks for moderation
  • Live results on the Internet
  • Preparation of certificates for award ceremonies
  • Immediate printing of certificates during the event for all participants


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