SIAC battery service


The SIAC contains a battery. The battery has a finite lifetime. Therefore, the battery needs to be sent in for battery exchange every once in a while to continue using the SIAC. The SIAC battery exchange is carried out by SPORTident and a number of service points operated by close partners of SPORTident.

It is recommended to replace SIAC batteries three years after the SIAC production date or the last battery exchange date.

The next battery exchange can be determined as follows:
  • The recommended battery exchange date is printed on the underside of the SIAC.
  • The form on this page shows the recommended battery exchange date by using the card number.
  • Config+ shows the battery date after a readout. This date plus three years is the recommended battery exchange date.

The SIAC Battery Test station and Config+ evaluate the SIAC battery voltage. If the SIAC Battery Test station or Config+ indicate a warning or failure for the SIAC battery voltage then the SIAC battery should be replaced.