SIAC battery service


The SIAC contains a battery to enable contactless punching. The battery has a finite lifetime. We recommend to send in the SIAC for battery exchange three years after the SIAC production date or the last battery exchange date.

Find out your next recommended battery exchange date by entering your SIAC number below:

The SIAC Battery Test stations at competitions can be used to check the battery voltage. If they indicate a warning or failure before the three years are up, please send in your SIAC for battery exchange immediately.
Even with a failed battery the SIAC continues to work for direct punching.
The SIAC battery exchange is carried out by SPORTident and a number of service points operated by close partners of SPORTident. Choose your service point to register and send in your SIAC for battery replacement:
SPORTident Arnstadt (Germany & International)
Baltic States
Czech Republic
SPORTident Denmark
United Kingdom and Ireland
SPORTident France (France, Belgium, Luxembourg)