SIAC battery service Russia

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The SIAC battery exchange costs 1200 RUB (if customs duties apply)


We will replace SIAC batteries where the SIAC Battery Test station indicates a warning within two years of the SIAC production or last battery exchange date free of charge as a gesture of goodwill.

If your SIAC needs to be repaired, we charge 2400 RUB.

We will send you an invoice for payment after we have received and processed your SIAC.

Please send your SIAC (without strap or similar) to:

СДЭК: TYUM4 Тюмень, ул. Моторостроителей, 14, корп.1
Почта России: 625046, Тюменская обл., г. Тюмень,
ул. 30 лет Победы, 119, офис 7.
Получатель: Кобелев Сергей, +7-905-822-6708

We ask that you pack your SIAC securely to avoid loss or damage in the post.