Mountainbike Enduro

The most recent style of mountain biking is a mixture of arduous uphill, downhill and cross country sections. These timed sections (stages) are linked by less strenuous intermediate sections. The winner of the race is the one with the lowest accumulated time.

Using SPORTident AIR+

Based on the SPORTident ActiveCard (SIAC) the system AIR+ supports the special requirements of MTB Enduro. The contactless timekeeping allows a quick tracking and evaluation of the race. To stop at the beginning or the end of a stage is not required.

Easy to set up

Easy and rapid installation even in areas where access is difficult, less personnel expenses due to fewer course marshals required.

Online solutions

Simple preparation and follow-up with our online tools for registration, live data display and result display.

Intermediate times

In combination with the live data transmission, intermediate times are displayed directly on the display in the competition centre or on the Internet. Permanent race overview guaranteed.


The stations will work without an external power source (rechargeable battery is integrated). Any time. Any location. Any weather.



The SPORTident ActiveCard (SIAC) for each rider.

SI-Station BS11-BS small

SI-Station BS11-BS small for each start of a stage.

SI-Station BS11-BL large

SI-Station BS11-BL large for each finish of a stage.

SI-Station BSM8-USB

One SI-Station BSM8-USB for read out of the SIACs.


Each rider has to be equipped with a SPORTident ActiveCard (SIAC) for contactless timekeeping. The card is attached to the wrist with an elastic band. Before the start, the SIAC is switched on and thus activated for AIR+ technology. Now the rider is ready for race.

The stations for the start and finish of the stages are charged and configured in advance. They can easily be set up and fixed at the control points. We recommend the markings of start and finish with corresponding signs and a lane of barrier tape. Now the stations can be switched on.

To set up a station at the control point needs less then 30 seconds time and can be done by one person.

Event execution

SIAC supports fast registration of competitors to participate at a race. The standard SPORTident procedure CLEAR – CHECK – START – CONTROL(S) – FINISH remains when SPORTident AIR+ is used. During the race the SIAC stores the start and finish times of the stages. The successful registration of the checkpoints is indicated by an obvious optical and acoustic feedback signal.

In combination with the live data transmission the last times can be transmitted by radio and displayed directly on the Internet, for example.

With the live data transmission the riders always know their position in the race.

Evaluation of the results

After the finish, race data stored in competitors SIAC have be read onto a computer for event evaluation. Optionally, the data can be read out and transmitted by radio.

MTB Enduro Mounting holder 'Bike'

Fixing the SIAC at the wrist.

MTB Enduro Mounting holder 'Bike'

Fixing the SIAC at the wrist.

BS11-BS at high of handle bar

Adjustment of the station BS11-BS at the height of the handle bar.

BS11-BL at the finish line

Finish line (BS11-BL at the height of the handle bar)

reference Trans Savoie
reference TrailTrophy
reference European Enduro Series
reference Montenbaik Enduro
reference SloEnduro
reference Scottish Enduro Series
reference Trans Provence
reference SRAM Enduro
reference Trans Madeira


MTB Enduro Set size L

Product recommendation

Cards SPORTident ActiveCards (SIAC) for the participants of the event

BS11-BS - station with 1.80m range for each start of a stage

BS11-BL - station with 3m range for each finish of a stage (Set up of gate configuration possible)

Preperation BSF8 - CLEAR, CHECK, SIAC Battery test, SIAC ON, SIAC OFF

BSM7-D-USB / BSM8-DB-USB - to read out the SIAC onto the computer

USB-Dongle - to read out the card contactless onto the computer


SPORTident Printoutset - direct printing of SIAC data without computer

SPORTident Modem SIGSM-DN - live data transmission from each stage to a server by using GSM


Magnet for switching stations On/Off



Support training/operating/timing service

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