• Sportident Solution - MTB Enduro

    MTB Enduro

    SPORTident is the perfect fit for MTB Enduro. Set up the stages with your bike and a backpack. Get live results.

    Sportident Solution - MTB Enduro

Are you ready for SPORTident timing solutions? Create long-lasting memories

Create long-lasting memories

Be live

Live data for riders and spectators on the Internet and in the competition centre. On big screens, TV screens or your smart phone.

Be online

Simple preparation and follow-up with our online tools for registration, live data display and result display.

Be in memory

Immediate result printout at the finish. Every rider gets his result immediately on his hand and your event in memory.

Be agile

Easy and rapid installation even in areas where access is difficult, less personnel expenses due to fewer course marshals required.

Be independent

The stations will work without an external power source (rechargeable battery is integrated). Any time. Any location. Any weather.

Be variable

The system grows with your requirements. From training events with only a few participants up to world-class events.

SPORTident hardware products you need

The contactless AIR+ system with reusable transponders is used. The use of reusable transponders reduces waste and protects the environment.

  • airplus
Card Art.-No. 10503


SPORTident introduces a timekeeping device with the main purpose of sa...
  • airplus
Station Art.-No. 11153


Identification at check points in outdoor sport disciplines like MTB E...
  • airplus
Station Art.-No. 11151


The unique design of the BS11-BL meets requirements for identification...
  • airplus
Set Art.-No. 16160 - 16162

MTB Enduro Set

The SPORTident MTB Enduro Set is a fully featured AIR+ configuration o...

Usage example

Fixing the SIAC on the wrist.

Mounting of the SI-Station BS11-BS at the height of the handlebars.

Finish line (BS11-BL at the height of the handlebars)

Everything you need in one Transport case?

With the SPORTident MTB Enduro Set you have everything with you.

It's so easy to set up

  • The typical setup for an MTB Enduro event

    Each rider is equipped with the reusable transponder SIAC. At the stages you set up SPORTident Stations (measuring points) at the start and finish. As soon as a rider passes a station, the system records the time. The intelligent software evaluates the time. That's it.

    You can enhance your event with the following services. SPORTident offers the right solutions for: registration and payment, live display, speaker support, result service, certificate printing and more.

    he SPORTident system is comprised of two basic elements: SI-Stations and SI-Cards. SI-Stations are placed on the racetrack. Each SI-Station has a unique control number. Every rider carries a SPORTident card which records the time and control number as he or she passes the SI-Stations during the race.

    After the race, the SPORTident Card holds the athlete's start-finish time, split times as well as all control numbers. This data is used to evaluate the race.

Timekeeping service, buying, hiring?

There are many ways to use SPORTident timing solutions

Timekeeping service

Our timekeeping service is ideal as a carefree package and reliable service. Either you organise few events a year or you want to buy SPORTident and get to know it before. SPORTident professionals in more than 70 countries are at your disposal.


Are you a timekeeper yourself or do you want to become a timekeeper in your organisation team? You have several events a year? Then it is time for your to own the SPORTident equipment.

Hire Equipment

You are a SPORTident expert yourself or an IT-affine organiser? Then hire SPORTident equipment to temporarily increase your own stock. SPORTident rents all hardware, making it simple to get what you need.

Race references

These and many more organisers trust in SPORTident

SPORTident - Official Timing Partner of the Enduro World Series

All information for you

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