MTB Orienteering

MTBO is one of the four orienteering sport disciplines. The appeal of the discipline arises from the speed and dynamics of the movement in the field. The task of finding the solution for the optimal route selection dominates over finding the location of the post.


SPORTident supports the special requirements of MTBO with its AIR+ system. SPORTident AIR+ features simple and robust contactless identification at check points in the field and an integrated solution for a flying start. The contactless timekeeping at the checkpoints and the finish allows high speed and increases the demand for a concentrated performance of the sportsman. To stop at checkpoints is not required.

SPORTident AIR+ additionally enables timekeeping and identification by passing SPORTident Stations configured in a gate mode. Gate mode configuration features higher time accuracy up to 1/10 seconds. This configuration is recommended to be used especially for START and FINISH.

Novel experiences

Introduction of new features to make mountain bike orienteering faster and even more exciting.

Robust design

Compact and robust design of the stations ensures an easy installation, rapid set up and dismantling.


SIAC can be combined with the existing SPORTident classic equipment and is fully backwards compatible.

Event flow

Event setup and management are according to the introduced SI event flow procedures, no new evaluation software is needed.



Each rider has to be equipped with a SPORTident ActiveCard (SIAC) for contactless timekeeping. With a specific bike holder this card will be mounted at the bike (frame, handlebar or headset).

Before starting the SIAC has to be switched on. A successful timekeeping will not be possible if the SIAC is not activated. The activation of the SIAC is shown by a flashing green LED.

SI-Stations in the AIR+ configuration have to be charged before application. SPORTident AIR+ is a real time system. SI-Stations should be synchronised by using a master clock shortly before application.

To illustrate the application of the AIR+ configuration to the competitors it is recommended to set up a test course with some control points in the event centre. There, the athletes can test and monitor the feedback signals of the SIAC at different passing speeds.

Event execution

SIAC supports fast registration of competitors to participate at a race. The standard SPORTident procedure CLEAR – CHECK – START – CONTROL(S) – FINISH remains when SPORTident AIR+ is used.

During the race the SIAC stores the start and finish times of the stages. The successful registration of the checkpoints is indicated by an obvious optical and acoustic feedback signal. The deactivation of the SIAC is done with registering the finish time. Without a finish record the device deactivates itself 20 hours after having received last record.

Evaluation of the results

After the finish, race data stored in competitors SIAC have to be read onto a computer for event evaluation. SIAC readout is possible at any time and not depending on SIAC's activation. Optionally, the data can be read out and transmitted by radio. Therefore to enable this, the checkpoints and the finish line can be equipped with a GSM modem. This allows to show the results data in real time and to present them on different media.

ActiveCard makes orienteering faster and much more attractive. The SIAC is fully compatible with known hardware.

Control Station BS11-BS with 1.8m range of contactless punching allows the rider to go faster.

Control Station BS11-BL with 3.0m range of contactless punching allows the rider to go faster. Suitable for finish line.

Mounting holder "Bike" to fix the SIAC on the frame or handle bar of the mountain bike.




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