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    Enjoy the pure nature and focus on your sport. SPORTident provides reliable timing and personal achievement for outdoor sport events.

    Sportident Solution - Other Sports

The easiest way to time your outdoor sport

Any time. Any location. Any weather.

The SPORTident Timing system is ideal for a wide range of outdoor sports, such as Trail Running, Triathlon, Skiing and various Adventure Races due to its physical nature and the associated software.

Trail Running - enjoy the pure nature

Trail Running - enjoy the pure nature

This trend sport is perceived as particularly natural. It often goes through varied landscapes, uphill and downhill as well as forests, meadows, or gravel roads. Running off the road trains not only physical endurance but also coordination and concentration ability of the runner.

Triathlon is more than just a sport - it's a lifestyle

Triathlon is more than just a sport - it's a lifestyle

The triathlete is involved in three sporting disciplines at once: swimming, cycling and running. This athlete is a special type of endurance athlete and loves challenges and works hard in training. The sport is a part of his life. Although the emphasis of enthusiasm for individual disciplines varies greatly between athletes.

Skiing and Alpine Skiing - the classic winter sports

Skiing and Biathlon – the classic winter sports

Both sports, Skiing and Biathlon, are about speed, experiencing nature and outdoor sporting activity in the cold. Winter sports are characterised by good strength endurance and a well-developed sense of balance combined with good reactions.

Cross Country running - a run off the beaten track

Adventure Running - a run off the beaten track

If you want to experience more when running, Adventure Running is the best way to go. It goes through puddles, mud, sand, over soggy meadows, uphill and downhill. The excitement for this sport comes from the feeling of competition, the adrenaline rush and the challenging course.

Advantages for you as an organiser

Easy to set up

Easy and rapid installation even in areas where access is difficult, less personnel expenses due to fewer course marshals required.

Many features

The runners bring the data to the finish line. Many possibilities of evaluating and showing the data (e.g. live results at the course, Internet).


The SI-Stations will work without an external power source (rechargeable battery is integrated). Any time. Any location. Any weather.

Easy handling

The SIAC is compatible to the whole SPORTident system and can be used in any combination with our traditional equipment.


Each runner has to be equipped with a SPORTident ActiveCard (SIAC), which should preferable be secured with an elastic band on the wrist of the runner. Before starting, the SIAC has to be switched on. A successful timing will not be possible if the SIAC is not activated. The activation of the SIAC is shown by a flashing green LED. SI-Stations in the AIR+ configuration have to be charged before application. SPORTident AIR+ is a real time system. SI-Stations should be synchronised by using a master clock shortly before application. To illustrate the application of the AIR+ configuration to the competitors it is recommended to set up a test course with some control points in the event centre. There, the runners can test and monitor the feedback signals of the SIAC at different passing speeds.

To set up a station at the control point needs less than 30 seconds time and can be done by one person.

Event execution

SIAC supports fast registration of competitors to participate at a race. The standard SPORTident procedure CLEAR – SIAC ON/CHECK – START – CONTROL(S) – FINISH remains when SPORTident AIR+ is used. During the race the SIAC stores the start, intermediate and finish times of the race. The successful registration of the checkpoints is indicated by an obvious optical and acoustic feedback signal. The deactivation of the SIAC is done with registering the finish time. Without a finish record the device deactivates itself 20 hours after having received last record.

Evaluation of the results

After the finish, race data stored in competitors SIAC have to be read onto a computer for event evaluation. SIAC readout is possible at any time and not depending on SIAC's activation. Optionally, the data can be read out and transmitted by radio. Therefore, to enable this, the checkpoints and the finish line can be equipped with a SRR USB Dongle or with a SPORTident Modem. This allows to show the results data in real time and to present them on different media.

Fixing the SIAC with an elastic band on the wrist.

Fixing the SIAC with an elastic band on the wrist.

SIAC is robust and works reliable. Any time. Any location. Any weather.

SIAC is robust and works reliable. Any time. Any location. Any weather.

Just run at full speed with no mistakes and focus on your sport.

Just run at full speed with no mistakes and focus on your sport.

The successful timing is indicated by optical and acoustic feedback.

The successful timing is indicated by optical and acoustic feedback.

SPORTident Timing equipment

The complete hardware solution developed for your event

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Card Art.-No. 10503


SPORTident introduces a timekeeping device whose with the main purpose...
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Station Art.-No. 11153


Identification at check points in outdoor sport disciplines like MTB E...
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Station Art.-No. 11151


The unique design of the BS11-BL meets requirements for identification...
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Accessory Art.-No. 11145

SRR USB Dongle

The SRR USB Dongle receives data records sent from BSF8-SRR or SIAC. T...

Timekeeping service, buying, hiring?

There are many ways to use SPORTident timing solutions

Timekeeping service

Our timekeeping service is ideal as a carefree package and reliable service. Either you organise few events a year or you want to buy SPORTident and get to know it before. SPORTident professionals in more than 70 countries are at your disposal.


Are you a timekeeper yourself or do you want to become a timekeeper in your organisation team? You have several events a year? Then it is time for your to own the SPORTident equipment.

Hire Equipment

You are a SPORTident expert yourself or an IT-affine organiser? Then hire SPORTident equipment to temporarily increase your own stock. SPORTident rents all hardware, making it simple to get what you need.

Race references

Trusting in SPORTident hardware made in Germany these organisers use our technology in their Trail Running races


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