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    Explore innovative ways of teaching physical education that make lessons both fun and stimulating for your students.

    Sportident Solution - School Sports

A new way of teaching physical education

Exciting exercises that everyone enjoys

School and Training

New ideas are required to make the physical education more varied and vital. Kids want to be attracted. Exercises have to be funny while stimulating movement and developing physical abilities. Exciting games that allow evaluation and timekeeping can be an excellent solution. 

SPORTident helps the teacher to inspire the students again and again to improve their accomplished achievements.

Create an exciting obstacle course, switch on a timing device and let your students measure their own time. That’s how easy it is to motivate the whole class. Spend less time preparing for a class and evaluating performances. You supervise the SPORTident activities and there are no additional expenses for timing each student. Lessons become more effective since the students time themselves. Several students can complete an exercise at the same time.

The success of SPORTident is based on giving the students instant feedback about their activities. They can see their improvement immediately. Could there be a better motivation for exercises? It can be a simple game or a more serious competition. Students have to feel they can compete on their own terms.

Advantages for you as a teacher

Easy to set up

Easy and rapid installation even in areas where access is difficult. The system can be used indoor and outdoor.

Many features

The kids bring the data to the finish line. There are many data evaluation possibilities that can be customised by the teacher.


The SI-Stations will work without an external power source (rechargeable battery is integrated). Any time. Any location. Any weather.

Robust design

Due to the compact and robust design the system copes with rough treatment. It is water resistant (except the printer) and can be used indoor and outdoor.

SPORTident is simple, fair and guaranteed to be fun

Create novel exercises and make your lesson more interesting

With the SPORTident School and Training Set a wide range of exercises is possible – from warm-up exercises to complete sport lessons, indoor and outdoor. It can be used individually or by teams, at every age, at one or more locations.

Use our suggested exercises or create your own courses and implement the SPORTident School and Training Set. You will see how easy it is – with small preparation time!


Sample competitions

The punching is something new and guarantees a lot of fun for students of every age class.

After finishing the exercise, the printer allows an easy evaluation of the activity. Easy to handle for every age group.

Every single time is printed on the paper and visible directly after finishing the exercise. A new experience for your students.

Kids can compare each other and check if they had done any mistakes during the exercises.

SPORTident School and Training Set

The complete hardware solution developed for new physical education

Product recommendation


30 SPORTident Card8 or 9


12 units SPORTident Control Station BSF9


SPORTident Master Station




The set itself is a fully featured configuration of SI-Cards, SI-Stations and a Bluetooth thermal printer. It enables the immediate use of the SPORTident system without a PC or laptop. The whole configuration is battery-driven. The equipment is very robust and will also cope with rough treatment. It is water resistant (except the printer), which makes it suitable not only in the gym but also in the playground.


SI-Config+ (synchronising the time of stations, configuration) SI-Orienteering App


SPORTident Orienteering App Set includes the BSM8-USB Station and the Bluetooth thermal printer


Small Transport case with special inlay



All documentations for you as a teacher

Feel free to ask us for more information

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