Maintenance and repair

One of our goals is to find the best compromise between the technical and the ecological requirements. Hence, we always repair and maintain our products in a sustainable manner. The robustness and backwards compatibility help ensure the longevity of our products.

If you maintain your SPORTident equipment carefully, then you can use it for a very long time. The regularly check-ins with SPORTident Config+ will ensure that the firmware is up to date and the battery status is green.

Let your SPORTident equipment be maintained by experts and benefit from the advantages

If you order maintenance and repair from us, you will get a professional service. With our qualified repair management and documentation system, we first check all features of your device and identify the problem. After that, we start the repair, battery replacement, or other necessary work. Your equipment will always be handled by qualified personnel. When you get your devices back, you can be sure that the equipment will work perfectly for years to come.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Professional and qualified service
  • Service according to a fixed schedule
  • Offering a new device when the other one is no longer repairable
  • Fully functioning devices will be returned after a short time

To ensure the quality and longevity of the equipment, the batteries in any device must be replaced by SPORTident’s qualified personnel or other authorised company. Additionally, in some cases firmware update can only be done by SPORTident staff. When you send us your devices, we check them, change the batteries, update the firmware, and evaluate the functions.

We offer:

  • Battery replacement (normal and rechargeable)
  • Firmware updates for all SPORTident devices
  • Repair of SI-Cards
  • Repair of SI-Stations and all other devices

Repair Process

Any broken device is annoying. We know that. That's why we make every effort to carry out repairs as quickly as possible.

What happens to your equipment in our company is shown in the process diagram. Our repair process runs in four simple steps:

  • Repair information and acceptance
  • Repair
  • Offer preparation with payment request
  • Invoicing and Returns


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