A sporty orienteering international children's day in China

The International Children's Day on June 1st was all for children. In many countries in the world there were festivals, events and of course a children's orienteering race for the little ones. In Guangdong, a Chinese coastal province in the southeast of the country near Hong Kong, a kindergarten organised a mini orienteering event.

Here, the little ones practised and tested not only their sporting skills of running, but also their map reading, abstracting and independent thinking. In this way, even the youngest children playfully learned to discover and train many important skills that they will need as they grow up.

It is therefore not surprising that more and more schools in China are discovering orienteering. Orienteering specifically fosters a whole range of different physical and mental abilities to children.

We discovered this sustainable training opportunity many years ago and offered the School and Training Set for schools and clubs. But the most important is that always the children have fun, and we believe they do. Don’t you think, too?

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