SPORTident AIR+ makes the difference

For the first time SPORTident’s contactless timing system AIR+ was used during the World Orienteering Championships 2015 in every single race. The athletes enthusiastically embraced the fast and smooth punching experience the system offers.

Sponsoring the Danish National Team, of course, SPORTident is very proud of their excellent performances. With four gold medals they became the most successful team of the WOC 2015. To prepare themselves for the competitions they trained with our AIR+ system since the beginning of the orienteering season.

"When preparing for a World Championship even the smallest details are important. SPORTident AIR+ touch-free punching was this year used for the first time at a World Championship in Orienteering. The sponsorship of SPORTident helped us greatly towards our success. We used the system at all high speed trainings before WOC."
(Lars Lindstrøm, National Coach)

Very satisfied with the AIR+ system the Danish team is highly pleased with their success during the competition. Søren Bobach, the World Champion in sprint relay, says training with SPORTident was essential for preparing himself.

"For us it was important to train with AIR+ in our final preparations because all the competitions at WOC were done with AIR+. Especially on the sprint distances it gives us a good possibility to prepare as best as possible because it's different to run with AIR+ than normal punching."
(Søren Bobach, World Champion sprint relay)

Sponsoring the Danish National Team and supporting the Juniors of the Swiss Orienteering Team we are also very proud of the success of the Swiss National Team. With two gold and two silver medals they became the second best team of the WOC 2015.

Congratulations to all of you for those outstanding performances!

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