The SPORTident Approach

Fast setup

SPORTident timing hardware comes preconfigured for your needs. Often, no additional setup is necessary and the hardware can be used as is, without even touching a computer. However, it is also easy to understand and change the configuration. We have recommended hardware setups for a wide range of sports and events, and our support staff will be happy to help you find the perfect setup for your specific needs.

Flexible solution

While the basic setup for most needs is straightforward, different product options together with rich configuration possibilities allow you to adapt the timing hardware to almost any use case and scenario you can think of. SPORTident is routinely used in many sports, from mountain biking, to orienteering, trail running, ultra marathons, triathlons, lap runs, adventure races, and company races.

Easy to carry

SPORTident timing hardware is small, light-weight and battery powered. For some races, you can fit all the equipment you need in a backpack. Our hardware will run happily unattended, timing your participants and waiting for you to pick it up after the race. Thanks to our ultra-low-power technology, our most durable stations run on battery for years. Our rechargeable stations run for days on one charge.

Robust hardware

SPORTident hardware is extremely durable. You can use it from -20°C to +50°C in any terrain, any weather, and under water. Some of our products have been in continuous use for over ten years now. Our hardware is built to last.

Fully certified

SPORTident hardware is fully certified. It’s completely approved by International Orienteering Federation (IOF) with both classical punching system and contactless punching system. Furthermore, SPORTident hardware fulfills all demands of radio safety in the world like our certificates show.